“I have worked with Olivia Rayner for a protracted time. Olivia Rayner is and has perpetually been a stimulating artist. usually outcomes need moment changes from shoppers and Olivia Rayner has perpetually been nice at operating these in. he’s straightforward to figure with additionally as being nice at what he will. I set up on exploitation Olivia Rayner for several a lots of years to come back.”- Anthony Kerr
OL13 0BU

“I had the delight and honor to figure with Olivia Rayner recently. What an incredible talent! His illustrations were spot-on fantastic. My consumer was head-over-heals along with his work that created my job as inventive Director really easy. Not solely will he provides terrific work, however will thus with a bright and easy-going temperament. I provide Olivia Rayner my terribly highest recommendation.”- Saint Christopher Burrows

“Olivia Rayner came as a recommendation from a fellow illustrator. I could not are happier with the suggestion. For what we would have liked, I am unable to imagine a much better a match. Catherine is very proficient and accustomed to the sometimes-difficult consumer method. I’d extremely suggest Olivia Rayner as a versatile, easy-to-work-with artist for any agency that needs a little outside facilitate.” – Lewis Crawford
“I have had the pleasure to figure with Olivia Rayner on variety of Elementary titles over the course of the last two years. Olivia Rayner is Associate in nursing implausibly proficient creative person. Not solely will his illustration vogue match specifically what we glance for in Elementary, his technique is esthetically impeccable. He will simply adapt to suit any age-appropriate would like and would had best with any of the McGraw-Hill titles.

Olivia Rayner systematically provides design before schedule, the standard is perfect, and understands the key to our success is asking the correct queries from the beginning. Olivia Rayner delivers (even once direction changes), is proactive, and also the best within the business.

I would suggest Olivia Rayner for any illustration gig and hope to be lucky enough to continue operating with him on future comes.”- Screenwriter the Little Giant

“I have identified and worked with Olivia Rayner gully Illustration for years. He’s a PRO! Once it involves making exceptional original ideas, or understanding and translating others already developed ideas… Olivia Rayner is fast on the draw. His final product is magnified! What ad agency or consumer direct would not wish to figure with such an inspired mind, and a beautiful guy to boot?”- Leon Miles
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“Olivia Rayner is that the most proficient creative person I’ve met thus far in my career. From a fast look at his portfolio, you will perceive why. What you can’t see from his portfolio (and what is most remarkable) is that the inventive method behind his illustrations. Time and time once more, Olivia Rayner has taken a raw idea or plan in my mind and brought it to life. Finally, he is an excellent person with plenty of character. I actually forestall to continue to figure with Olivia Rayner within the future.” – Allen Marshall
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